Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black is The New Black

Good morning y'all! Can you believe it's November? Crazy stuff right there.

So a few weeks ago I got a job, just a small one, but it's pretty fun and it has been super easy to catch on! The only downside to working where I do is that I have to wear a.) clothes from the store (which aren't exactly my style and don't really fit, or b.) all black.

I hardly owned ANY black when I got this position, I'm just a very colorful dresser, so black isn't a huge part of my "color wheel." With the help of a very fashionable friend (who also works at the same place) I was able to pick up a few more black pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Not only is wearing all black hard for me, but with a limited number of options, and a need for many work outfits, I have become pretty creative with putting together new outfits. And as much as I may have strayed away from black in the past, it's growing on me! An all black outfit, done well, can be super chic and much easier than you think! So today I'm going to show you a few ways to wear black!

I have a few little "guidelines" for styling black, which I've learned from my experience with dressing for work!
  1. Your blacks don't have to match perfectly. Okay, this one is super hard for me because I like things to be as close to perfect as possible, but it really isn't a huge deal! (A funky, super faded sweater, or other item, may be an exception to this rule)
  2. Mix fabrics! I can't emphasize this enough, mixing fabrics will break up your outfit a little, it will also help give your outfit a little pop! I love my sheer black blouses because they go very well with all of my black bottoms and they add a little something different!
  3. Add prints! All black can be drab, so add a fun printed tight, or spicy top!
  4. Black and brown can be worn together. There. I said it. I think that black and brown are acceptable together (when planned). In the 3rd photo, that lovely woman is pulling together her ensemble by adding brown accessories, so when you add brown, do it intentionally! 
  5. Accessorize! This is your chance to bust out that funky jewelry or sassy pair of shoes! Whether you go bold, or stay clean and chic, make it your own!
There you have it! I'll be trying to document some of my work outfit choices so you can see how I style my black, in the meantime hashtag #styledallblack on instagram so I can see how you wore it! 




  1. I like black as long as it's not tooo much- I think it can look really sophisticated and chic!


  2. Black on black can be super chic. I'm definitely a fan! Thanks for sharing your styling guidelines

  3. YES! I've recently started adding more black to my closet and love the classic pieces I've acquired! Always classic!

    Breckenridge Clare