Thursday, November 7, 2013

Love, Heal, and Bless

Good morning pretties!

A few months ago my husband got a new job, not the one in Raleigh that we had been hoping for, but one in Lynchburg that was a serious step up from his old job. (I won't even mention some of the horrible things he went through at his old job). This job is a blessing in so many ways, (um, hello, he has a job!) but one of the biggest blessings is the group of people that he works with. Everyone is so nice, it's kind of unreal, I once asked him if he worked in the twilight zone because it just didn't seem possible.

While there are many people I could write a post about, today I'll be talking about a very special lady! I haven't spoken with her about sharing her story in this space yet, so for the meantime I'll just call her Catherine.

Catherine is such a warm and welcoming person to be around, the very first time I met her she made me feel so important and special. My husband works near her and he has told me of plenty of times that she has made him smile, even if his day wasn't going very well. She's kind and genuinely cares for people. Oh, and did I mention that she works full time (often working late), has a husband and two kids (teenage boys), and is going to school?! She definitely has her hands full.

Sadly a about a year ago she was in a car accident and she broke her arm pretty badly. Despite numerous operations and having her arm in a brace for all this time, her poor humerus still hasn't healed. Next week she will be going in for another surgery. As if the thought of going "under the knife" isn't enough stress, her husband has also been having heart attacks recently.

With the worry of all this, my husband and I have decided to make her family a few days worth of meals and deliver them to her home, that way when she gets out of surgery she can focus on healing and not on feeding her family! My husband, being the amazing man that he is has coordinated with the people in his office so that she can have meals for the entire week! I tell ya, I oughta marry that man...

Our secret "meal plan" has been under wraps for almost two weeks now, and today my husband finally shared the secret with Catherine. Right after this I got a call from her thanking me and she was in tears. Ya'll I can't even handle how precious this woman is, add tears and I'm crying on the floor like a baby!

One of the things she said really hit me, she thanked me for letting God use me, and honestly I didn't even know what to say. In that moment I realized that God was using her more than He was using me. God has used her to open my eyes. The circumstances she's under have greatly put stress and burden on their family, being able to speak with her, do little things to make her smile, and hopefully comfort her have changed my hard, calloused heart into one that is more obedient to the Lord and has more love for people than once before.

I'm not writing this post to brag about how awesome and humble I am, I am challenging all of you to serve others in some way, shape, or form. God will put opportunities in your path, listen to His spirit and follow!

Can you be praying for Catherine and her family? Her surgery is next week and I know they'll be needing the prayers as they head into her operation!



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  1. Prayers, lady and sometimes we need those moments or situations for God to remind us of something or to redirect our hearts. Sounds like this is one of those experiences and I love that you are boldly asking people to do the same. To love and be there for others. It's awesome.