Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dealing with Mean Girls

Goooood morning!!

I have dealt with many, many mean girls, and I'm sure you have too! They're everywhere, at the gas station, in the store, and maybe they're even your "friends" but fear not, I will help you learn how to deal with the mean girls out there!

Now, it's important to identify what type of mean girl you're dealing with. There's the, behind your back mean girl, the up-in-your-face mean girl (who says stuff so mean that you're literally stunned), and the manipulative, "I'm scared if I say no she's gonna blow up mean girl." There are other different breeds of mean girl out there, but it would take me years to list them all, and some are even weird hybrids, don't get me started on those.

In the past couple of years I have dealt with some meanies that have really scarred me, one so terrible that I have literally had nightmares about her. (If you're reading this, congratulations). She got under my skin so badly that seeing her literally gave me anxiety attacks. She was the worst, y'all.

Unfortunately I'm not the only one who has had to face issues like this. Whether it be walking into a room full of people who just got done making fun of you, or facing the culprit face-to-face, dealing with the hurt and insecurity you feel is down right hard. It truly saddens me to think of how far bullying has gone in the world today.

Here are some things that might help you next time you encounter one of these creatures:

1. Let their harsh words bounce off of you, just like rubber. Now I know this is way easier said than done, but you have to really remind yourself that their attacks are cowardly, and you are strong and beautiful!

2. Realize that they are hurting in some way. I believe that these people behave in the way that they do because of some sort of pain or deficit. To you, you might think that they have everything, but they're probably falling apart on the inside and their harsh demeanor is just an outward expression of their pain.

3. Pray for them. Yes friends, pray for them. Will it work for them? I don't know, but I do know that your heart will be changed drastically. Friends, God will fight for you and protect you, so remember that truth as you go into face them.

4. Hold your head higher than a giraffe's. Sometimes these mean girls just want to bring you down, there's something about sadism that they seem to enjoy, so when you stay strong it only wrecks their attempts. (If you need to run home and cry your eyes out, that's fine, just don't ever let them see you cry).

I hope these little tips will help the next time you have to deal with the meanies! And remember, you are beautiful, strong, and kind!




  1. I have a friend who really needs this today. I'm passing it on to her- thank you for writing it!


  2. I love this. Great reminder! I always need to remind myself of this every now and then!

  3. Perfect tips for dealing with those mean girls. I have found that providing excuses (in my own head) for their behavior helps me to feel less hurt. I do not know what battle she if fighting and why she needs to lash out. Also, praying works wonders. I cannot tell you how many times praying for someone I truly did not like or had hurt me really changed how I felt about them.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Really behind on my reading, but I SO needed this. I still to this day struggle with many, and this list is just beyond helpful. Thank you so much for sharing, sweet friend!