Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Heavy Heart {But Full of Love}

Helloooo friends!

I hope that everyone's week is off to a great start, Monday was great for me but the rest of the week is looking a little busy!

Today I'm going to talk about something tough and sad for me, any many others, especially my sweet friend (and basically sister) Scarlett.

October 30, 2012 was a normal day for me. I rode my horse, went to class, and spent time doing homework, that day was normal until my best friend told me some of the worst news I've ever heard. Bravely, she told me that her 16 year old brother Jackson had been killed in a car accident. Honestly I was in disbelief, I knew that my friend wasn't be lying to me but I couldn't understand how it was true, even today almost a year later, it's hard to understand how it's real.

If you know me, then you might have heard about Scarlett and her family, they are seriously the strongest, toughest, most loving family and group of women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You see, they've been through a lot. Our sophomore year of college Scarlett was kicked in the face by a horse and spent the following few weeks of her life fighting to stay alive. Not only did she come out alive and as beautiful as ever, she finished that semester, only having to drop 1 class. After what Scarlett had been through I thought that she had an easy pass for the rest of her life.

I constantly tell Scarlett how much she and Jackson were similar, for starters they looked almost like twins, and they both had the same silly smile and lighthearted outlook on life. Jackson and I only shared a few moments together but I always treated him like he was my own little brother, I constantly ragged on him and did everything I could to shoot down his teenage ego. Jackson was confident, and he had every right to be- he was a Nationally ranking wrestler (as a sophomore in high school) and an incredible football player, despite having a heart condition that would hold others back. To say he was a special kid is a massive understatement. He was a miracle.

As the one year anniversary approaches, I have a heavy heart, but I can only imagine the way Scarlett and her family feel. Pray for them, and if that isn't your thing, send light and love their way every time you think of them.

Hold the ones you love very tightly, tell them you love them, and enjoy every moment together!




  1. Wow. What an incredibly sad story. The family is in my thoughts and prayers as this tragic anniversary approaches. <3

  2. Praying. Thank you for sharing, Laurel.

  3. amen x5 million to your last line. Each day gets a little easier, but the pain is always lingering- will have Scarlett and her family in my thoughts and prayers tonight!

  4. So sad! What a loss. Ill keep you and your friend in mind and send prayers your way!