Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Time to See

Good morning pretties- you know what day it is! (I'm not gonna say it)

I don't know about you but it feels like fall has come on full force this week, I've broken out tights and fall coats, and I love it!!

Lately I have been noticing how horrible my vision has gotten, especially when I'm driving and especially at night. I constantly tell my husband (as he's riding in the car with me) that I can't see very well, in particular, road signs. I'm sure that makes him feel super comfortable and at ease, ya know, just riding with a blind lady. It's definitely safe and totally legal as well.

I own glasses but they're teeny tiny and were definitely made for small children, so needless to say I'm in the market for new glasses! I've done the at home try on but none of them worked for me, they were all so odd on my face and I didn't find a single pair that I liked, le sigh. I've gotten the courage to shop around again and I'm really looking into Warby Parker's! If you're not familiar with their campaign, check them out, and who knows maybe you'll be sporting a new pair of specs!

I've browsed around and narrowed it down to a few pairs that I like, I'm sure they'll be different "on" but which ones do y'all like? I can be so indecisive sometimes!

I definitely like the tortoiseshell, but we shall see! Stay tuned for another post where I try them on!

Do you have any favorite glasses brands? I'd love to know what you wear!




  1. Ooo I like the ones with the blue in them! =) I don't wear glasses but I've been told I look good in glasses and I secretly always wished I could wear them! =)

  2. I like the first and last pairs! My glasses are Ray Bans. I've had them since the summer before Freshman year and they're good as new. I've just gotten the lenses replaced as needed.

  3. I loveee the first pair! I think that they would be totally perfect for you!

    Breckenridge Clare

  4. Ah! I need a new pair and I definitely want Warby Parker!

  5. Funny, I have Warby Parker on my blog today too! I like the second from the top - I'm going to get them in black, but you've got me thinking I might need some tortoise shell frames too :)


  6. One can never go wrong with tortoise shell!