Monday, October 21, 2013

God is Funny- Here's a Bunny

Happy Monday Fall Friends!

Something funny happened to me last week, and I won't waste any time telling you my little story!

Last week my husband and I took as little trip to the pet store, per my request. I never have any intention of buying a critter, I just like to look at all the cute fluffy animals and dream about the day that I'll have my own little furry friend. I'm seriously pet deprived y'all. While we were at the store, I took a liking to a few little lionhead bunnies- they are just so stinkin' cute and their hair is a hot mess. We didn't buy one (for obvious reasons) but I left feeling a little sad because I didn't have a pet of my own.

Fast forward to the next morning, I couldn't sleep (and had to go to work later) so I just decided to get dressed and head over to Starbucks to get some work done. I finished up most of what I needed to do so I went back to our apartment so that I could make some lunch. As I was stepping out of my car I noticed a furry black object under the car next to me. HOLY THISTLE BUSH, IT'S A BUNNY! And booooy was he cute. I noticed that this bunny had lionhead hair and was definitely not a wild bunny. (I leave wild animals alone). Try as I might, the little guy wouldn't come out from under the car, so I let him be and went inside.

Telling my husband about the little snugglefluff outside, he suggested I try to coax him out with a carrot. (He later regretted this). Well, it worked. I went out to the car, offered the carrot to my furry friend, and he came out enough for me to grab him! He didn't kick or fight, and he seemed comfortable with me picking him up.

Well...I had the bunny inside, happily munching on a carrot, but I didn't have any sort of enclosure (I'm not a crazy enough animal lady to be fully stocked on the essentials), so little bunbun got to play in our bathtub while I went to work!

Little babybun

I went to work for a few hours, hoping that the rabbit hadn't hurt himself or trashed our bathroom but once I got home I found him just hanging out on his little blankie! I couldn't wait for my husband to get home so that he could meet our little friend, and being the gracious loving husband that he is, he let me keep little 'pumpkin'.

Sadly though, as much as I tried to give him everything he needed (as recommended by bunny experts on the world wide web) our little pumpkin never perked up and he seemed to be uncomfortable. I thought that I was smothering him with attention so we bought him a little cage and everything else he needed and we left him to get used to his new environment. The next morning he only seemed worse, and within a few short hours pumpkin had crossed the rainbow bridge into bunny heaven.

I was heartbroken. As stupid as it may sound, I was pretty sad about this little guy passing, I was also angry at the people who had let this poor animal loose while it was cold and rainy outside! (People moved out shortly before I found him and we think that they let him go).

I thought that God was blessing me with a companion, but in less than 24 hours he was gone. As sad as I was to see him go, I am comforted knowing that this poor little critter died in a warm cage surrounded by love, food, and water- instead of being scared, alone, and in the rain. It may seem silly to learn a lesson from a tiny bunny that I only had for a day, but I am reminded by this that life is short, it's precious, and we should be great stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

I hope that little pumpkin is happily hopping through fields of clover! RIP little friend!




  1. I just love you to pieces and your stories. Thank you for taking care of that little guy ~ may God Bless you. Please continue writing because you are a good writer and I love reading what you write.

  2. Aw that's too bad! At least you were with him for his last day and he didn't die outside!