Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Simply Charming {Evening on the town}


I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week and beating the heat. I'm in the mountains and it is hot hot hot.
The hubs and I are still vacationing in Vermont, and I am falling more in love every day. I'm trying to get my 'golden brown' on, so a lot of our time has been spent lounging by the pool. It's wonderful because they have waiters that will bring you food from the club house, that way I can literally become a beached whale. Okay, just kidding.

Outfit choice for the night!
Tonight Michael and I went out to the marvelous Simon Pearce for a lovely dinner. If you aren't familiar with Simon Pearce, check it out! There's a shop in Quechee with a delicious restaurant, which can be followed up by venturing downstairs to watch the craftsman make the glass and pottery, right before your own eyes!

Here are a few pretties that caught my eye while we were browsing around.

This is the SP set that we have, so timeless and sturdy!

Going to Simon Pearce is also neat because you can walk right out to a balcony overlooking the waterfall. When hurricane Irene ripped through, a lot of buildings and bridges in Vermont were destroyed, in particular, the Quechee covered bridge (among many others). Luckily it has since been rebuilt, though the new one isn't quite as charming as the old one.

We also spent time walking around Quechee, it really is such a lovely town. 

Beautiful doors on a quaint little church in town.

If you ever get up this way, stop in for a visit!

Thanks for stopping by- be sure to check out the blog tomorrow for another wedding post! 




  1. Sounds like you're having a great vacay! I LOVE that lemon bowl and your necklace!

    1. Thank you!! The lemon bowl was so beautiful, I would love to have that living in my home!

  2. You're so super adorable, I'm glad you're just loving your vacay!

    1. You are too kind, thank you so much! This vacation is definitely a good one : ) I don't want to come home!