Friday, July 12, 2013

Keep Vermont...Sleepy?

Happy Friday cuties!

I'm currently writing this from the beautiful mountains of Vermont. A few years ago my Aunt and Uncle relocated to this marvelous state and ever since I visited I have been smitten. The air is crisp, the mountains are breathtaking, and the greenery is so lush- plus some of the best food I've ever eaten has been here, maple creme brulee anyone?

If you're familiar with the state, we are in the Quechee/Woodstock area. Let me just tell you that Woodstock is one of the neatest little towns, like, ever. There are the best shops (a girl has to do some shopping) a bangin' farmer's market, and plenty of beautiful sights to take in. Quechee is also a neat little town full of fun summer activities (like hot air balloons). I can't wait to show my new hubby around the area!

From the hot air balloon festival, 2010

Quechee Gorge. It's gorg, right?

 This trip to the beautiful mountain state was different from times past- this time, my sweet hubby and I had to wake up at 3:30 am to catch a cab to the airport, holy early, y'all. Then we had to wait around at the Boston (Logan) airport for a couple hours so that we could catch the Dartmouth Coach bus to Lebanon, NH where my Aunt could pick us up without having to take on Boston traffic- it's Friday and everyone is heading to Nantucket. Let's not play that traffic game. Our day finished up with a cookout (steak and halibut, yummmm) and visiting with family. To say that we are dead tired is an understatement. I'm heading off to sleepy land, but I will leave you with some snapshots of my day!

We can't take a normal picture to save our lives.

Boarding pass, what an artist I am.

 Stay tuned for more photo updates from my trip! Thanks for stopping by!!




  1. Hi Laurel,

    Thanks for visiting this morning! Your hot air balloon pictures are so much fun. We used to have them coming over our house on the weekends and always enjoyed watching and listening to them over-head.

    Have a nice weekend.


    (I'm following via google!)

    1. I'm excited to write that while we were in Vermont we had a few pass right over our house- I've never seen them like that before and it was so neat! Thanks for following! Xx.

  2. Love your little blue jeans!!

    Woodstock sounds so cute and fun!

    PS- Let me know if you'd like to do a guest post on Sundresses and may direct some new traffic to your blog!

    1. Thanks, they are the most comfortable jeans ever (JCrew), perfect for traveling!! Woodstock is so unique and charming, I got my big necklace from Woodstock!

      Also, I would LOVE to do a guest post, let me know what you're thinking!