Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reasons why I desperately need a dog.

HAPPY SNOW DAY!! I hope that everyone is tucked safely away with their loved ones!

This is the first snow day that my hubs and I have ever been able to spend together, so needless to say I'm excited and happy : )

Since before we were even married, I've been talking about getting a could say I'm obsessed. At least once a week I look up the hashtags for goldendoodles on Instagram (it just snowed, so this week's are going to be gold) and I bring up the topic roughly twice a day. I. have. a. problem.

Our current apartment doesn't allow dogs, but we are moving the first week of March so my obsession is going straight to "Threat Level Midnight" once we are settled in the new place. Batten down the hatches hubby, things are about to get crazy.

If you've ever heard me talk about my dogs at home, then you know I'm out of control.
Case and point.

Both of these pups (mainly my little moo-moo, whose real name is Muffin) have nursed me back to health and brought many smiles to my without them and their snugglefluff I'm just deprived.

So here are some of the reasons why I need a dog.

1. I'll have someone to listen to me all day. I talk a lot

2. I'll be less scared when I'm alone

3. Snuggling. Enough said.

4. I'll have to take it for walks, so then I'll get more fresh air and as a result I'll be healthier.

5. It's a need, not a want.

Are any of you puppy crazy? I can't wait to have a little fur baby of my own! Trust me, as soon as it happens, you'll be notified!




  1. As I'm sure you know, I'm OBSESSED with my beagle, Alice! She is seriously like the third daughter of the Mill family. Plus, if you get a puppy then I can come play with it and everyone needs puppy play time. So that seems like a really great idea, for both me and you.

  2. It's a definite need, I can't wait to come with you to look at puppies and be it's official Aunt!!

  3. YES YES YES! Pups for all!!!! Totally rooting for you to get a pup. :)

  4. Hehe, I'm reading this late... but YES! Yes to all! Especially being less scared when alone. My dog is 4.8lbs but sounds like an absolute terror when he barks at strangers who ring my doorbell. It's awesome!

  5. I agree with all of the above! I love having a pup, especially while my hubby is away for Army training and such! Totally recommend it. BUT, I do have to say, I wish I would have read "Cesar's Way" by Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) BEFORE I got our puppy! Totally worth your time!