Monday, January 6, 2014

Get Your Gym On

Happy Monday, readers!

Today I'm excited to be linking up with some wonderful ladies. Brittany and Sam are the hosts behind this wonderful link-up, which is about health, so I'm very excited to be joining! Follow along and join in, so see where we're going in 2014!

I've mentioned before that the last year has been a struggle for me in terms of diet and feeling ill. I'm proud to be a more informed and aware 'eater' and I can now manage my diet in a way that keeps me feeling good! A few months ago I also got a gym membership and it has been a huge blessing for me; I have a healthy way to release stress and I can get fit and healthy while doing so! I log my workouts on the Cody app (check it out in the app store) and it's great to see the progress I'm making. My goal for 2014 is to stick to my gym routine and get fit, hopefully fit enough to run a 5k, which would be huge for me considering I've never been a runner!

The past few weeks I've really settled into a gym routine and I feel better than ever! If you're a gym newbie, it may be hard to decide what you want to do once you get there. Sure, there's Susie Sweats-a-lot with her sculpted hiney and perky ta-tas, but even Susie had to start at square 1 (unless surgeons are able to sculpt babies so that they come out looking like that). Moving on.

The easiest thing for me is to map out what I'm going to do that day at the gym, sort of like meal planning, but for my muscles. If I'm doing 'legs day' I look up workouts for legs, figure out which ones will work for me, and then make a routine. I then write down the exercises (I actually put them in my phone) so that when I get to the gym, a.) I can remember what the heck I'm doing, and b.) not talk myself out of anything. I always start out my workouts with some sort of cardio, and I end with stretching! It's important to switch things up, and if you're feeling lousy, put on some fun tunes and crank out your workout!

So there you have it, ladies! Tell me, what are some of your favorite exercises?

Tune in next week, I'll be sharing more about my fitness routine!




  1. I'm a huge fan of BarreAmped. Sometimes I feel like it is all I talk about on my blog :)

    But I do enjoy the FItSugar videos that are 10 minutes long just to get some variety into the mix!

  2. I need to be so better about working out this year, and eating right! I stick with running for the most part - I love tracking my progress on the hamster wheel. I'm also a huge fan of the rowing machine. I find that I can work nearly everything there.


  3. Super glad to have found your blog! I love the treadmill and elliptical but I'm also trying to work on strength this year. Looking forward to following your progress on the Get Fit link-up!

  4. I LOVE spinning, zumba, and yoga! Sometimes if I'm feeling it, a step class. I find working out on my own I get bored, so I leave it to the professionals to train me and then I run, or try to, on my own! Then I come home and eat ice cream. ;)

  5. I would like to run a 5k sometime this year too...maybe in the fall when the weather cools down.

    My favorite workout is spinning...I need a loud teacher to really push me, ha!

  6. I found your blog at just the right time- I'm trying to get inspired to get back into the gym, because once I'm there, I love it! I'm always a fan of Zumba (it just makes me happy!) and spinning, especially when the instructor turns out the lights and blares the music!

  7. Haha I laughed out loud! I HATE Susies :)

    I also feel like I have to go to the gym with a "plan" otherwise it can be a little overwhelming. Hope you link-up again tomorrow so I can hear how you're doing!