Monday, January 27, 2014

Get Fit and Fab Linkup: Gimme Da Juice!

Goooood morning cutie pa-tooties!

How was everyone's weekend? Amazing I hope!
I'm happy to be linking up again to share more about my health and fitness journey!

A few weeks ago I mention that my hubs and I purchased a juicer. I'm delighted to report that it is a big hit with my main squeeze, and he has been juicing just about every day! He usually makes me a tasty juice in the process, so today I'm going to share some of my favorite recipes with you!

We haven't experimented too much with it yet, but our go-to juice is:
2 apples + 2 carrots + 1 handful spinach + 1 handful grapes, sometimes we add an orange and that gives it is a citrus kick that is super tasty! The only juice I've had that I didn't like had a stalk of bok choy in it. Good lordy it was like a shot of horseradish with every sip! Definitely don't give that a go, unless you like that sort of thing ; )

Juicing is a great way to get macronutrients that your body desperately needs, but it can also be used to make remedies for just about everything! Joint pain? Yep. Tummy ache? They have a recipe for that too! Seriously, the world of juicing is a broad one. Here are a few concoctions that look tasty and beneficial!

If you're looking to detox and help your tum-tum out, give this one a try:

1 beet + 1 handful kale + 2 carrots + 2 green apples. If y'all don't know the power of beets (fresh, not that weird processed beet nonsense) then you are missing out! Beets have saved me from many gallbladder attacks!

Want a refreshing and cold-fighting refreshment? Try this guy

1 piece of ginger + 1 lemon + 2 apples + 2 carrots + handful of wheatgrass (if you can get it). The mixture of ginger with the vitamin C in the lemon is enough to send any germs or viruses packing!

This one also looks tasty! Plus did you know that kale has more iron per weight than any red meat?! Granted kale isn't as "heavy" as meat, but it is super good for you!
Source: pinterest

If you give juicing a try, let me know! My one tip for you is: don't look at, or smell the juice. The look and smell can be deceiving!

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  1. So many of my friends have tried this and I have been way to scared!! Maybe I should just try it. Never hurts to try! Thanks for this!!

  2. I've always loved the idea of a juicer, but it's just never made it on to my "must-buy" list. It probably should, just because it'd be a way to squeeze kale and other greens into my (not so veggie-filled) diet!