Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year, New Fitness, New You {Sticking to your plan}

Good afternoon beauties!

With the New Year coming up, I know many (if not all) if you are working on your resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. I'll be joining you with the list making, though some of my goals will be built upon things I've accomplished in this past year.

I'd say most of the resolutions people make involve their health, fitness, or weight. Loads of men and women vow to stay on their diets or even wake up at 5 am every day to go for a run. While those goals may be great, they may also be unrealistic in some ways. But don't worry, today I'm going to help you stick to your plans!

This last year I have spent a great deal of time researching health-related subjects, particularly nutrition. I've never been one to crash diet because those don't work for me, and chances are they may not be working for you either! I've recently (the past year) become more aware of what I eat, and how that affects my body and how I feel. For the first 3-4 months of marriage, I was waking up every morning feeling nauseous, and often getting sick. No, I wasn't pregnant! I was eating foods that were terrible for me. Now, I cook 'clean' just about 95% of the time, so what was up? Gluten. I have become more sensitive to gluten, and when I eat it regularly I suffer a multitude of unsavory symptoms. Dealing with my new dietary changes has been a challenge but it has also opened my eyes and shed new light onto my eating habits! In this new year I'm working on adapting my diet and eating even better.

When you're making plans to change your diet, or fitness routine, there are some key things to remember. Firstly, you are making a lifestyle change, not going on a diet. I can't stress this enough. You're not on a diet, you're changing old habits and making new ones, for the sake of your health and wellness.
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Secondly, indulge occasionally, and plan your 'cheat meals/days'. I eat well but I still enjoy chocolate, pizza, and other goodies. The key? Moderation. Plan your treats accordingly so you don't go coco-crazy and demolish a carton of chocolate ice cream.

Lastly, every day is a new opportunity to change. Just because you fell off the wagon, that doesn't mean that you have to give up! With that being said, remember that you don't have to go cold turkey and change everything at once! Start making small changes (give up alcohol, only eat pizza once a month, etc.) and then gradually build up to what you're working towards.

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I hope that these help a bit, if you need encouragement feel free to email me anytime ; )

So....what are your goals/resolutions for 2014?




  1. thank you for those motivational quotes on fitness, I really need to start exercising more to keep my health in good shape too :)

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  2. I love these tips! I've been so bad with catching up with blogs lately. It's one of my resolutions to read more blogs! I've missed you. I read your last post and I hope all is well. =)

  3. I definitely like your reminder that every day is a new day and chance to better your health! No one is perfect, so you have to be able to cut yourself some slack! I'm also a huge proponent of starting with small changes. When I decided I wanted to lose weight last year, I started by just cutting sodas out of my lunch and the first few pounds just fell off! Later it was then easier to wean them completely out of my diet and make bigger changes.