Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting ready: A Ready Heart

I spend a lot of time on Instagram, it's like a guilty pleasure for me...but the more I've "creeped" the more I've found a wonderful community of women encouraging one another. A few months before I got married, I stumbled across a devotional 'series' called "A Ready Heart" (search #areadyheart if you're interested). It's a great devotional, especially if you're preparing your heart and mind for marriage, though it is wonderful for married and single ladies as well!

As much as I planned to do this study prior to getting married, I just couldn't manage to squeeze it in, horrible, I know. Don't judge too harshly though, I did graduate from college only 1 week before I got married! Now that life has slowed down quite a bit, I am able to truly dedicate my time to committing to this- I initially made the commitment to encourage and lift up a sweet IG friend of mine as she is getting married in just a few short weeks!

I just completed the first couple of days, and a few things have really stuck out to me, which I'd like to share with you!

We begin A Ready Heart with Genesis 2:5-25, Genesis is usually a tough one for me to get into, but today was much different. As I read about man being alone and eventually being given a wife, I realized how sacred and special marriage is.

The thing is, Adam had so much around him, rivers, trees, and animals galore! Though of all of God's creation, he was still in need of a partner, a helper, a wife. I've always known that woman was created from Adam's own flesh, but today I really focused on that. Adam was created from the dirt/dust, just as all the other animals, but Eve, she was made from him. When God says that husband and wife shall become one flesh He means it- I can look back on this verse and see how man and woman, husband and wife truly are one flesh. Friends, I encourage you to focus on this verse and think of your partnerships with your husbands and wives.

You are one. Lift up your spouse as you would yourself, and cherish the wonderful gift of marriage, after all, it was God's idea!

With all that being said, I am proud to celebrate a 1 month anniversary with my sweet hubby! Cheesy, I know.

Stayed tuned for more on A Ready Heart!


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