Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthday wish list

Hey Babes,

How's it going for everyone? Sick of the snow yet? I know I'm ready to head outside with my blowdryer just to melt this crazy white stuff.

I can't believe that it's March already!  With my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, I thought it appropriate to think of a few items that I'd be delighted to unwrap on my special day.

1. Hunter Wellies. These were on my Christmas list, and though I intended to buy them with Christmas money, somehow I didn't get around to it. Don't even ask me how.

2. Kate Spade Beauty number 1. Does this even need an explanation? 

3. Kate Spade beauty number 2. It's beautiful and perfect. (Though I would like the soft leather version if they had it in anything other than black)

4. A Goldendoodle. If you know me then you're probably aware of how doodle obsessed I am. My hubs has looked into treatment options, the cure? More doodles.

5. A vanity desk. For all my papers...and beauty supplies.

source: pinterest

6. Another Erin Condren notebook. I absolutely love Erin Condren products, they're cute-to-boot and the quality is phenomenal! I was given a journal for Christmas over a year ago so I'm excited for another one! (This was on my list but my darling hubs has already given it to me)

Well that about does it! What are some items that are currently on your wish list?? How about wishing for warm weather?




  1. another March baby :) i'm loving those wellies in green and that first Kate Spade purse!!

  2. Such cute items!!! I want them all as well!!

  3. Love that first Kate Spade bag! I am also doodle obsessed...Bryce and I have been talking about getting a puppy and I want a doodle (golden or labra) SO bad. Sadly, he has put his foot down. We'll probably get another black lab, and I can't complain about that either!

  4. Oh I love that first Kate Spade beauty it looks like the most perfect slouchy soft leather!

  5. Ah I love Golden Doodles!!! Once we have a bigger living space (apartment life won't do for a puppy) my husband and I really want one!

    Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet