Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How To Become A Workout Fiend

Hello friends!!

In my more recent years I have become much more active, well, sort of. Most of my life has been spent in a barn with my horse, which has always proven to be excellent exercise. There's nothing quite like dumping buckets and trying to cling to the back of a nutty horse! I've found that my riding is best when supplemented with other exercise, which is what has lead to my love of exercising. Discovering new ways of working out has proven very helpful for me, especially because right now I'm not currently riding *tear*.

Thought I'd share a moment from my show days!

Anywho, I'd like to share some tips with you on how to get, and stay active!

1. Go for a walk. This might seem super obvious, but it's an easy (and free) way to get off the couch and into the fresh air. If you don't want to walk around your neighborhood, find a park, or trail that you like and set foot! Also, if you have a dog, it's a great motivator to take your furry friend with you!

2. Start running. I have NEVER been a runner, it literally pains me to run but recently I have been trying to push myself to do it. Start with something simple, like running 90 seconds followed by walking for 60 seconds, repeat that a couple of times and I bet you'll be sweating! Start from something easier and work your way up, you'll be a running star in no time!

3. Try a free class. Gyms often offer free classes to get people to check out their facility. Search for what is around you and try it out! In the past I have seen free kickboxing, spinning, and even yoga classes!

4. Write it down. Research workouts that you want to try, and write them down- then do them either at home or the gym. Since I hate working out at home, I prefer the gym, but if I don't have my workout written down and in hand then I wander the gym like a lost puppy. Having what you want to do that day is also helpful because you have to complete it! For an idea of what to do, here's my usual gym routine.

Non-cardio days
5-10 minutes (or miles) on the stationary bike or elliptical to get warmed up.
Targeted routine (abs, legs, arms, etc.)
5-10 minute cool down (again, bike or elliptical)

My targeted workouts vary because I like to switch things up. But for arms you could lift free weights, do pushups, triceps dips, etc. I usually do 12-15 reps of each exercise and then cycle through 3 times! For legs it's similar, I'll do leg presses, calf presses, lunges, squats, etc. If you have any questions or want my specific workouts, email me and I will hook you up!

5. Just go! Schedule time in your day to do it, I usually don't spend more than 45 minutes to an hour at the gym, when I was in school I really didn't have time to spend any more than 30 minutes working out. Don't make excuses and just give it a go- it's amazing how great you'll feel afterwards, even if you weren't feeling like it, or if you were too tired!

Do you have any workout secrets? If so, tell me!




  1. Thanks for this! I always love reading things that motivate me!
    I didn't know you used to ride! I used to ride too. Grew up on a farm and had a horse at one point. I miss it so much... I'm sure you can relate. It was so much a part of my life. Horses are the best. =)

    1. I'm so glad that it could help! My life used to be 100% riding, once I get my horse back from his temporary lease I imagine that my life will again be horse filled, with room for the hubby of course! That's so neat that you grew up on a farm, sounds like the makings of a fun childhood!

  2. I like to workout at the YMCA during one of my favorite shows! Then you're so focused on watching the show that your time doing cardio flys right by :) Loved this post!

    1. That is such a good idea, I need to start watching shows that get me all fired up! I'm a big music listener too, it is sometimes all that keeps me going!!