Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Projects: Pinterest Style

Good Afternoon y'all!

I don't know if it is the early release of the #PSL or the cool breezes that have been visiting us, but I am in full Fall mode...the pumpkin candles are out and warm tones are all over my home now. I'm usually one of the "hang onto summer as long as possible" people, but this year I am welcoming the lovely foliage and crisp temps.

I have very few decorations for our home, though my collection is slowly building- after my Grandmother passed I was lucky enough to be able to inherit a lot of her lovely decorations, as well as precious heirlooms that have added a special touch to our abode. Since I'm building my seasonal decor stockpile there are a few craft projects I'd like to try, which is a fun affordable alternative to buying everything. Below are a few Fall projects I'm hoping to tackle in the upcoming weeks (watch, I'll probably finish them right before it's time to put Christmas decorations up, I just know it)

1. Jars, candles, and acorns. Maybe I can add a little glitter for good measure?

2. Buntings and painted pumpkins galore

 3. What I like to call "stick candle." If I can create this without burning my hands with hot glue, it will be an ultimate success. I'll keep you posted.

In addition, I'd also like to make a few painted signs- I also have some serious pallet projects in mind!  What are a few fall projects you'd like to accomplish this year? 




  1. All the best on your fall projects. It looks it would keep you busy during the fall.

  2. i'm so excited fall is here! your post made me even more excited to bust out some decorations! cute blog, lady! (:

    xo, samantha